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Now with [shortcode] support

Show Rapid Order on any page using a shortcode!

Turn your store into a fast grocery cart

Make your cusotmer's online grocery experience as simple as in your store. Users can easily add products to their cart by simply changing the quantity on the website. No need for multiple clicks or complex configurations.

From this...

WooCommerce archive page this

Rapid Order archive page

Live search

Your grocery store may contain thousands of items and you want your customers to find what they need quickly. With Rapid Orders live search feature customers will find what they need quickly.

WooCommerce live search
WooCommerce Rapid add to cart

Rapid add-to-cart

When you're in a grocery store, adding items are as simple as grabbing them off the shelf. Grocery shopping online should be just as easy! With the Rapid add-to-cart feature customers simply change the quantity and see their cart instantly updated. Now that's fast!

WooCommerce Rapid add to cart

Infinite scroll

Your grocery store has many products and making customers click through pages of items seems slow and cumbersome. Rapid Order solves this by providing infinite scrolling on all archive and search result pages.

WooCommerce infinite scroll

Free grocery store plugins

Rapid Order for WooCommerce works great with the following plugins. They're designed to provide much needed functionality needed by online grocery stores.

Quantities and Units

Gives online grocery stores the ability to specify decimal quantities and site-wide quantity rules. Also allows you to specify a unit of measurement on a per product basis.


Quantity Increment Buttons

Adding items to your cart becomes even faster with quantity increment buttons. This plugin add the buttons, and Rapid Order provides the css to make them look great!


How it works & Limitations

Rapid Order works best when your grocery store has simple or variable products which don't need much configuration.

  • Show Rapid Order using a shortcode and limit products by category.
  • Optionally replaces all archive and search results pages with a list of your products.
  • Optionally show the form to user's with specific roles, guests, or everyone.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Cart and Category widgets.
  • Allows one additional checkbox to be added to all products (No Subs checkbox on the demo page).
  • Breaks out variable products into all their variations (see the cereal product on the demo page)
  • Does not currently support plugins which add additional configuration to products (i.e. Product Add-Ons, Measurement Price Calculator etc)